Hello! I'm Randy

Motorsport Photographer & Enthusiast

Wanting to photograph the Fastest!

My interest in motorsports photography came from an Australian Photographer know to me as: Mr. Tod.
Me and Dad gave him a ride to the LeMans MotoGP Circuit in 2006, and he rewarded us with 2 photos (2x Valentino Rossi) from his personal portfolio. From that moment onward, I knew I wanted to at least try to make and match his great images.

My first DSLR was a gift from my parents, It was a Canon 400D with the 18-55 kitlens. The Sales man sold it with the words… “very suitable for sports photography, it a has a special sports Mode”.
Oh boy was I in for a nasty surpirse.

I finally started out photographing motorsports during the Valencia 2006 MotoGP, feeling like a King with my Canon 400D, I soon realised it was going to be a very hard and very steep learning curve. With no expierence and no one to point me in the right direction it was very discouraging having one blurry photo after another, half motorcycles, dark or really light pictures.

Stubborn or perhaps to proud, i refused going to a beginner cours on basic photography. Teaching myself how the camera works was a slow progress but I kept messing around, and graduatly my pictures became better and better.
Many years have past, filled with a lot of trail and error, experimentation, failing, keep pushing to become better, better cameras, lenses, more and more service road access brought me to this point, being able to Photograph the fastest motorcycle racers in the World.

For me the rush, and sensation i get when the likes of Valentino Rossi, Marc Máruez, Andrea Dovizioso come flying by when im standing at the guardrail close enough to almost touch them is the best feeling in the world. Seeing the Legends fighting tooth and nail is incredible, and the seeing them stand up, walk away from horrifying crashes and minutes later get on there second bike and go even faster is very hard to grab your head around.  

The final step was to come up with a nice logo, because a photographer must be able to mark and protect his work with a stylish logo / watermark. Being called “Ran van M” a lot during my youth was the inspiration for RvM, adding Photography made the logo complete, and RvM Photography was born.

Both pictures i choose out of Mr. Tod his private portfolio. Still in my posession after all these years